about was established in late 2021, and lauched in 2022, by Richard Shakeshaft as an online publisher of digital editions of music. Having been producing editions of choral music for many years for personal use, the global shift to a greater use of technology from early 2020 (and Richard's own increased use of an iPad for performing from this time), meant that the opportunity to develop an online delivery mechanism for high quality digital editions of music which can be used on tablets or printed presented itself.

In terms of Richard's own shift to using an iPad, he has written a detailed blog post about the technology he uses. While the editions here will work on any mobile device, he recommends using a device with the largest possible screen; this is currently the Apple iPad Pro, with a 12.9" screen.

The editions are all freely available, and the first page of each score can be previewed directly from the website. The complete editions are delivered by email with a watermark printed at the top of each page detailing to whom a specified number of copies are licensed.