music typesetting or engraving

The terms 'typesetting' and 'engraving' are used interchangeably to describe the process of transcribing musical compositions onto a printed score in a visually clear and aesthetically pleasing manner. Unlike general text engraving, music engraving involves capturing the nuances of musical notation to accurately represent the composer's intended expression. All of the editions on are set from scratch to ensure that the details of each score are carefully considered, and close attention is paid to symbols, note placement, and formatting to ensure that the sheet music is both functional for musicians and visually appealing.

Richard is able to typeset any musical compositions to present them with the utmost clarity, precision, and professionalism, and works with composers, arrangers, directors and performers. Scores are usually set using's house style, but any specific engraving requirements can be met.

If you would like a score typesetting, please get in touch to discuss the details of your requirements and to agree a price and turnaround time for the work. It is also possible to create custom arrangements of pieces which maintain the integrity of the original, for different groups or abilities of performers. Although is focused on choral music, Richard has provided instumental parts, scores and arrangements for many different instrumental groups too.